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Wacksystuff Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the FlipBooKit line of products.

  FlipBooKit is an all new, retro-styled, hand-cranked animation box-kit.animation

  • FlipBooKits make great gifts for animation lovers aged 8 to 80
  • All FlipBooKits currently come with a pre-printed deck of animation cards

The product gets even more exciting when you make your own FlipBooKit animation!

  • Easy and fun to build
  • Only takes minutes to assemble
  • Create a sentimental treasure to share precious moments
  • A great learning tool for kids and animation students

All you need to insert your own video scene into a FlipBooKit is the Blank Card Kit*, and a quick spin on the simple online “maker-tool” (available at
Print your animation using the sheets provided.

* Blank Card Kit is sold separately

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