Wackystuff Inc. designs, manufactures,
and distributes the FlipBooKit line of products.

FlipBooKit is a Hand-Cranked Movie Machine

Each FlipBooKit includes everything you need to create your own
custom looping movie machine using your own video clip or still images.
FlipBooKit is made in the USA and makes a great gift for loved ones or any creative soul. Suitable for ages 8 and up!

So easy to build

  • Pops together in minutes!
  • An instant sentimental treasure to display and share precious moments
  • A great learning tool for Artists, kids and animation students
  • Make more FlipBooKit scenes with additional  Blank Card Kits
  • Creating your FlipBooKit flip-scene is simple with our online “maker-tool.” (please try it out!)

FlipBooKit Links:

FlipBooKit CRAFT Maker Kit [MRSP $34.95]

The FlipBooKit CRAFT’s outer cube box is made with kraft e-flute – easier to build and fun.
Its perfect for gift stores and a great gift for anyone who is creative – especially students, crafters and artists.

Blank Card Set [MRSP $13.95]

Blank Flip Cards (24) and Printable label sheets (5 sheets). Enough for one DIY flip movie sequence. Pack includes one extra label sheet for customer miss-prints.

The Makers:


After touring their mechanical flipbook art at galleries, expos and maker-faires, Artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen were encouraged by popular demand to create a kit version. Together with friend (and ace-inventor) Steve Goldstein, they designed an old-tyme analog animation kit that anyone can make, supported by a free and simple online video conversion tool.

FlipBooKit first launched on Kickstarter in late 2012 and has since delivered over 7500 hand-cranked, flip-display kits. They continue to provide a free online “make-your-own” flip-animation tool, and most recently have been hosting FlipBooKit art shows with animated submissions from all over the world.

Wackystuff Inc. was formed to manufacture and distribute the FlipBooKit line.